EverHaüs founders established a culture that perpetuates the company continually forward. Today, this culture permeates all aspects of our business and our portfolio companies. We maintain a shared sense of ownership across all divisions and positions in the firm.

We live by four shared core values:

You have to do your best in everything because time is precious and should not be wasted on mediocrity. You won’t be happy with them and will only lose the respect of your colleagues. Mediocre work creates dissatisfaction.

Some people choose to do the same thing all their lives and we need to respect their decision. But exploration and discovery are what makes societies progress. To be creative is to be human. Taking risk does not mean blindly pursuing whatever opportunity presents itself. It means understanding what you are doing, evaluating whether it’s worth it and doing your best to make it succeed. Taking risk is to strive to change the world.

Every time you do something, it affects nature and people around you. Make sure that you add value in every interaction you encounter.

In companies and in life we interact with people. Each person is unique, with his or her own ideas that we must respect. When you work or share a part of your life with a person, it is crucial to take time to understand and respect them. Don’t look down on people who does not think the same way you do. There is always a lesson to learn and a new perspective that will change your life.

We maintain a shared sense of ownership across all divisions and positions in the firm.

With our roots in market research and data analytics, we are well equipped to support data-driven entrepreneurs. Commanding the price premium of many digital companies, we make it our mission to understand the value of new data.

In a changing and unstructured world, we apply a methodical approach to reviewing all our investments with the science and rigor of data. We mitigate our risk in Venture Capital by being disciplined in our diligence.

We are always building our network of individual investors, institutional investors, entrepreneurs, and corporates. We database our universe meticulously to ensure we don’t miss out on an opportunity to make meaningful connections that will add value to our society, even in the smallest of ways. If you are an investor or a fund, let’s chat about how we can work together.

We are continuously watching the Global market for movements in capital flows and investor behavior so that we can advise our portfolio companies knowledgably and carefully.

We are building a family, not just individual teams. In our high-tech world, we make sure that the human touch is not lost. Every time we make a meaningful connection between our portfolio companies, we create synergies and add value to society.