Indonesian B2B e-commerce and e-procurement platform Bizzy announced that it has acquired B2B online pha for an undisclosed sum, according to a report by DailySocial.

The Jakarta-based startup also announced the appointment of Alpha CEO and Founder Andrew Mawikere as its new CEO, with current CEO Peter Goldsworthy being appointed as new President.

Interestingly, Mawikere is known as Co-Founder and former CEO of Mbiz, a B2B/G e-commerce and e-procurement platform known as Bizzy’s direct competitor in the sector.

In his LinkedIn profile, though there is no entry explaining his new positions at Alpha and Bizzy, it is stated that February 2017 was the last month of his tenure as Mbiz CEO.

As for Alpha, the startup focusses on distribution of raw materials, spare parts, and raw materials.

Bizzy stated that the acquisition helps the company strengthen its offering in the B2B sector.

According to SMDV Managing Partner Roderick Purwana, as an investor to Bizzy alongside Ardent Capital and Maloekoe Venture, an end-to-end B2B e-procurement service that provides direct and indirect materials for businesses will be “the next big thing” in Indonesia’s digital sector, after fintech and e-commerce.

In January 2016, Bizzy announced the appointment of senior software developer Norman Sasono as its Chief Innovation Officer.

On its launch in July 2015, the startup raised a US$2.5 million funding round led by Ardent Capital. It implements a “crossdocking” system where it integrates multiple shipments from multiple vendors under fulfillment centres operated by e-commerce enabler company aCommerce.

Originally published by Anisa Menur A. Maulani in